Free Time 2: Calendar Availability & Schedule for Today's Meetings App Reviews

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If I work until 23h PM I cant put on app, the limit is 20:30.. fix please, Waiting..

Like the idea but

It crashes far too often plus it ignores that calendars are not relevant for free time calculation

Awesome, fill your free time easily!

Complements the calendar app perfectly, lets you see all your free time and fill it easily, much easier than just using the calendar app and a lot better looking too!

Not for everyone

Great app, solid concept, allthough all times have a range limit that may not represent your lifestyle. Probably good for the average office worker.

Why Time Restrictions

Its a great concept and looks great, but whats up with the time restrictions...

What a lovely idea!

Great, clean UI and a wonderful way of looking at the day.

Great interface

I love this app. Its so convenient and simple to use

Nice but

Great apps recommended except the time restrictions for working

Great!! But...

I have a schedule each Wednesday 11:00 ti 12:00, and it says 0 hour free for every Wednesday n thursday. Fix this bug plz.

great app

its a great app and I even purchased the premium version of this app


I work nights so useless for now, look forward to a fix. :)

Amazing app

A great app to keep track of time. Would b better of I can view the whole week in time slots or whole month option similar to google calender where you can view the whole week of dates you are available or not! And time restrictions....

Time Restrictions

Not functional.

For the app creaters

This app is great. This app does everything I would like a planner to do and more. I have not experienced a single bug from this app.

Pretty darn good

You might ask why get this if you have iCal or google calendar? Well, it is more intuitive for making appointments, as it is focused on free time. I love the summary of free hours , as it allows one to pick a day with lots of availability at a glance. Also, you can see what days you can take it easy or if every spare minute needs to be harnessed.

Great App

Love this app

not functioning properly

Ive had this app for several months and it usually works great, however, after upgrading to iOS 5, it has been skipping over entire days in my schedule.

Calendar error after upgrading to iOS 5

Loved the design of the app and how its different from other calendar apps. However, it became unusable after the iOS 5 update, because it apparently skips two days, so all my schedule is messed up. (It shows me that Oct. 20 is a Saturday instead of Thursday.)

Kinda cool if it worked

Calendar does even match THE ACTUAL days of the week. This app would almost be cool if it actually worked !! Waste of money...


HELP! its not compatible with the IOS5 update shows the wrong dates .. it malfunctions and stops working pls fix it ASAP

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